N3RDz is bridging to BSC with an innovative model

The N3RDz team can’t be stopped — not by astronomical gas fees, frothy markets, booms, or busts. We’re always here and always building. We’re excited to announce an innovative way to bridge N3RDz to other chains, starting with BSC. Keep reading to learn more and to help us decide where we’ll build next. In this article we’ll go over the details of how this will work.

As the defi ecosystem continues to develop, it’s important that N3RDz will offer the best IDOs(and more…) across a number of chains. We had to…

Ready for Takeoff

If you didn’t already know, Egoras is having their public sale and listing over the next two days. As the world’s first microfinance DeFi platform, the project aims to disrupt the microfinance lending market, which is projected to reach $313.7 billion in the next four years.

Egoras’s innovative application of blockchain to credit markets and microfinance has already been demonstrated as a sound concept. The seasoned team behind Egoras is licensed to operate a microfinance business and already has a working product that is generating strong yields and economic productivity. …

Whitelisting now open for Egoras IDO

Introducing Egoras

The last few weeks have seen a huge amount of 📄 new developments for the N3RDz defi ecosystem, including an automated launchpad and a huge website redesign. We also announced the next IDO on our platform. With Egoras, we are excited to bring you another great IDO, and the first on our new launchpad. (Read the detailed 📄 project article we published and check out the 🔗Egoras website).

With a working product that bridges to real-world assets, Egoras is already generating 📄 quite a bit of buzz. This will surely be a big one!

Q: I’m in! How do I whitelist?

The N3RDz team is excited to announce the latest IDO launching on the N3RDstarter Launchpad.

If you just want the quick and dirty version, 📄 check out this pitch deck explainer from the Egoras team, or read about the team’s work 📄 in this article from CoinTelegraph. For those of you that want more details, read onwards!

Egoras Background

The Egoras team is packed with experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, and advisers.

The N3RDz community is about to get a bunch of updates and developments

It’s been a crazy few weeks in crypto, which is pretty normal, and the N3RDz team has been hard at work rolling out some new improvements and preparing some surprises for our community. We’re launching a redesigned website, a completely redesigned launchpad, and will be revealing more information about our latest IDO this week, including the project name! Read on for more details on these updates!


Detailed information about the new allocation system

We listened to our community and decided to completely redesign the IDO allocation system, making it much easier and at the same time equitable for everyone.

To put it simply, for every new N3RD IDO the allocation will now be linearly proportional to the amount of nerd staked and/or farmed starting from a minimum of 1 N3RDz to a max cap of 100 N3RDz.

For example if there are 3 users staking or farming 5, 10, and 15 N3RDz, the user with 15 N3RDz will receive an allocation 3 times greater than the…

After a very successful SEED and PRIVATE sale round we are excited to announce that QUAM Public Sale will take place on Bounce Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

SEED round 9 times oversubscribed
N3RDz PRIVATE round closed

On the 13 of March a total of 4.4 MLN QUAM tokens will be offered at a fixed price of 0.025$ on Bounce. Contribution will be done in BNB on Binance Smart Chain network on the day of the Auction.

How to get ready for the Public Sale on Bounce?

Step 1:

👉 Follow Quam Network on Twitter: https://twitter.com/quamnetwork
👉 Follow N3RD on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerdfinance1
👉 Join the QUAM Telegram group: http://t.me/Quamnetwork
👉 Join N3RD ANN channel: https://t.me/nerdannouncements
👉 Join…

How to setup your wallet to BSC & load it with BUSD



How to join the private sale?

▪️ Stake or farm N3RDz (for a guaranteed QUAM IDO allocation)

Every NERDz staker and farmer gets a private sale allocation!

▪️ Fill the Google whitelisting form prior to the snapshot time - 25th FEB 21:00 UTC, 16:00 EST

▪️ Keep staking or farming during the second validation snapshot at the sale day

▪️ The exact per TIER allocation will be announced after the first snapshot


Introducing the newest IDO project to the N3RDz community

QUAM Network seed round was 10x oversubscribed

The hits keep coming and they’re brought to you by the N3RDz team. Even as we’ve been heads-down and busy bringing new value to our community with N3RDz Index Assets, new partnerships with RAMP, and working on some more surprises for N3RDz V2, we are still helping some amazing new projects get started. …


DeFi powerhouse! Automatic yield aggregator, staking, launchpad incubator! N3RD.finance

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