Egoras IDO Private Sale — NOW LIVE!

Whitelisting now open for Egoras IDO

Introducing Egoras

The last few weeks have seen a huge amount of 📄 new developments for the N3RDz defi ecosystem, including an automated launchpad and a huge website redesign. We also announced the next IDO on our platform. With Egoras, we are excited to bring you another great IDO, and the first on our new launchpad. (Read the detailed 📄 project article we published and check out the 🔗Egoras website).

With a working product that bridges to real-world assets, Egoras is already generating 📄 quite a bit of buzz. This will surely be a big one!

Q: I’m in! How do I whitelist?

  1. Setup your wallet to BINANCE SMART CHAIN network. (📑 Guide here)
    Make sure to deposit some BNB for fees and BUSD for the IDO allocation!
  2. Go to 🔗 and connect your wallet (where you stake/farm N3RDz). You should now see the BSC text next to your wallet address.

3. Click on the Whitelist button and confirm the tx in your wallet.

4. After the tx is confirmed, click on the Details button and you should be able to see your estimated MAX allocation (based on the total N3RDz amount in the currently whitelisted addresses).

5. 🎉 You’re done! No Google Forms or manually confirming your allocation. Pretty slick, right?

*Please make sure you continue staking and farming until the second whitelisting confirmation.

Q: Hang on, I need more information!

No worries, we’ve got some handy FAQs for you! But don’t delay too long — the initial whitelist will close in less than two days from this article being published!

  1. Duration: TWO DAYS ONLY
  2. Confirmation whitelist: Right before private sale.
  3. Private sale date: May 12th
  4. Total allocation: $100,000 @ $0.045 / EGR (Private Sale A)
  5. Tokenomics: 🔗 Here
  6. More info: Check out the 📑 complete Egoras documentation.
  7. Private sale period: 2 days after the whitelisting completes.

Q: Can we have a beautiful chart?


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📄 Guide: How to stake N3RDz?

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DeFi powerhouse! Automatic yield aggregator, staking, launchpad incubator!

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DeFi powerhouse! Automatic yield aggregator, staking, launchpad incubator!