Egoras Launch— Get Ready!
3 min readJun 2, 2021

Ready for Takeoff

If you didn’t already know, Egoras is having their public sale and listing over the next two days. As the world’s first microfinance DeFi platform, the project aims to disrupt the microfinance lending market, which is projected to reach $313.7 billion in the next four years.

Egoras’s innovative application of blockchain to credit markets and microfinance has already been demonstrated as a sound concept. The seasoned team behind Egoras is licensed to operate a microfinance business and already has a working product that is generating strong yields and economic productivity. The team has also already built a base of clients and developed plans for further decentralizing the protocol.


Egoras is bridging the gap between DeFi loans and real-world utility, providing a strong use case for establishing a yield-worthy credit line that benefits lenders.

  • In DeFi and in CeFi, the majority of lending in crypto markets is overcollateralized by posting more collateral than the value of what they are borrowing.
  • This can also create issues around capital efficiency and liquidations / getting rekt ($662 million on May 19).
  • DeFi projects have only recently started launching with an explicit focus on undercollarteralized or uncollateralized lending.
  • Egoras is focused on real-world lending, which allows the project to generate strong returns from the economic activity unlocked by the extension of credit.


Microfinance involves making real-world loans for people who would otherwise be left out of financial markets, especially in developing countries.

  • This has been a huge topic in financial literature since the 1970s, and has grown into an important segment of the world’s financial infrastructure
  • Microfinance Institutions help to break down the barriers between credit facilities and businesses, unlocking economic growth
  • Globally, microfinance institutions are returning yields of 33.9% on average, compared to AAVE’s current yield of less than 3% on USDC. With loan repayment rates at around 95%, microfinance represents a huge opportunity for investors to generate returns.

EGR Token and Public Sale

Egoras’ growth-oriented roadmap paves the way forward to build a new type of DeFi product that provides transparency and accountability to an underutilized segment of profitable credit markets.

EGR will give tokenholders additional benefits including:

  • Governance rights to approve loans and interest rates
  • The ability to vote on risk management proposals and business strategy, including many more important aspects of the project’s development.
  • Distribution of interest (profits) from repaid loans.

The Egoras private sale is happening ON JUNE 2 on the N3RD Finance IDO platform! Join the Telegram group or follow us on Twitter for more information.

Public Sale Details

When? 17:00 UTC June 2, 2021
🔗 Where?

✅ First come first serve
✅ $400 BUSD cap per wallet
✅ $60,000 BUSD total round at $0.085 per token
✅ Public sale unlock: 100% at listing

Important Note:
1️⃣ Connect to BSC network
2️⃣ Have some BNB for the fees
3️⃣ Have some BUSD to buy the tokens

1️⃣ Connect to BSC network
2️⃣ Have some BNB for the fees
3️⃣ Have some BUSD to buy the tokens


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