How to setup your wallet to BSC & load it with BUSD


Step by step guide (Metamask + BSC)

Click on Tier 0,1,2,3 or 4 tab and search for your address, then go to the Allocations tab and view your max BUSD allocation based on your Tier

In order to simplify the max allocation x tier count for our users, we used the following formula: Total N3RDz per wallet = 1xStake + 2xFarm, therefore farmers get bigger allocation.

  • Setup your wallet to BINANCE SMART CHAIN network. (📑 Guide here)
  • Buy BUSD and a small amount of BNB(1$/3$) for the fees on Binance
  • Load your Metamask wallet with BUSD and the BNB for the fees(📑Guide here)

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you choose the right transfer network [BEP-20 (BSC)] while withdrawing BUSD to Metamask. We do not take any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss caused by user error and/or not following the Binance Academy Guides accordingly.

  • Buy QUAM directly from (📑Guide below)

How to buy your QUAM allocation?

  1. Go to (When private sale starts)

2. Click on Buy QUAM with BUSD

3. Insert the amount of BUSD you want to use and press on APPROVE

4. Confirm first transaction in Metamask(approval tx)

5. Click on Buy QUAM with BUSD and insert the amount of BUSD you want to use once again, then press on SUBMIT

If you still see the APPROVE button refresh the page (CTRL + F5)

*If you still see the APPROVE button refresh the page (CTRL + F5)

6. Confirm second transaction in Metamask(submit tx)

🎉 CONGRATULATIONS! If you followed all steps correctly you will receive your QUAM tokens once the distribution takes place*

*Private Sale tokens will be distributed after Pancake Listing


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