Liquidity Generation Event & Token Economics

Hey frens, here is more info, so you dont FOMO…

🤓 Website:
🤓 Ticker: $NERDz
🤓 Total supply: 21,000
🤓 Launch: Liquidity generation event ( duration 1 week ) only whitelisted participants

🧞‍♂️Liquidity generation event

In order to participate in the LGE, you Will need:

🖥️-desktop computer /laptop

🔒/🔓 LGE LP token release:

Once LGE ends, the Uniswap WETH-NERDz liquidity token will be locked in the LGE contract.


(how N3RD works, CORE differences)

TLDR: Similar deflationary farming as CORE, but way more flexible due to our unique design, meaning we can add new pairs very fast.

Why it will Moon?

Boosted Farming during the first month. Delayed release of 50% of the rewards to decrease sell

pressure , buybacks from early unlock penalties etc.

On top of that we will slowly roll out our value added services like Auto strategy matavault, lending, and later down the road - decentralised margin trading , all of which Will massively increase the possitive feedback loop and the utility of the $NERDz token!

💬 Why don’t lock liquidity generated by LGE forever?

Locking 100% liquidity generated by LGE is not fair for LGE participants. We consider participating in LGE is equal to investing in the project. As an investment, an LGE participant should be able to withdraw part of the liquidity generated by the amount of ETH contributed by the participants.

👨‍🔧🚫 Liquidity removal disincentivization: the earlier liquidity token is withdrawn from the vault, the more penalty will be applied to the withdrawn amount:

  • 40% liquidity generated by LGE is forever locked in Uniswap, meaning at least 640 ETH worth value is forever locked.
  • Liquidity providers are disincentivized to withdraw liquidity from Uniswap. Even though Liquidity tokens are withdrawnable from the NerdVault 4 weeks after the liquidity generation event, the withdrawal is gradual for 10 weeks. Any withdrawal before the 10 weeks period will be penalized. The amount of ETH obtained from the penalty will be used for market buying $NERDz. This creates a price increase every time a user withdraws liquidity token from the vault. The amount of $N3RDz obtained from the penalty and the market-buy is sent back to N3rdVault as rewards for farming users.
  • All users who stake in the vault will benefits from the penalty applied to the users who withdraw liquidity token early. The penalty amount is applied as follows :


Farming rewards: Even though $NERDz is a non-inflationary token, farmers are still able to benefit from farming rewards of the vault coming from 4 sources:

  • Transfer fees: Every transfer of $NERDz has a fee of 2% of the transferred amount. The fee will be reduced to 1% 4 weeks after the liquidity generation event finishes.
  • $NERDz selling fees: Every sell of $NERDz will have 2% fee
  • LP token withdrawal fees
  • Profits that will be generated once our yielding strategies go live

Buyback to keep price increase for every liquidity withdrawal

  • For every farming system, liquidity removal is usually related to price decrease, which badly affects the holding position of farmers and holders.
  • N3RD.Finance has a built-in buy-back system. The buy-back system uses the liquidity token withdrawing fees to market-buy $NERDz. The bought $NERDz will be added to the farming rewards for farmers.
  • Due to the buy-back system, $NERDz price will also increase when a farmer withdraws liquidity token.

🕠🔐 Farming Rewards Lock

(less sell pressure 🚀)


Initially the NERDz/ETH pool will have 2x reward booster compared to the other pools we will launch.

🏦 Additional liquidity lock

When a user stake LP token in any of the pools , our smart contract automatically takes 0.1% and adds it to the forever locked liquidity.

🏗️ Farming pools addition

Adding new farming pools is easy due to our smart contract customizations. Therefore, does not need to do any additional liquidity generation events for adding new pools.

Ok. Lets go 🚀

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