N3RDstarter IDO allocations

2 min readApr 11, 2021

Detailed information about the new allocation system

We listened to our community and decided to completely redesign the IDO allocation system, making it much easier and at the same time equitable for everyone.

To put it simply, for every new N3RD IDO the allocation will now be linearly proportional to the amount of nerd staked and/or farmed starting from a minimum of 1 N3RDz to a max cap of 100 N3RDz.

For example if there are 3 users staking or farming 5, 10, and 15 N3RDz, the user with 15 N3RDz will receive an allocation 3 times greater than the 5 N3RDz one.

Therefore in order to join an IDO, users will need to either stake min. 1 N3RDz or farm min. 0.5 N3RDz as farming counts twice as much, with a maximum cap of 100 N3RDz for staking and 50 N3RDz for farming.

How does the new whitelisting process work?

  1. All N3RDz stakers or farmers must whitelist themselves on the new Launchpad V2 by simply clicking the Whitelist button (1st snapshot).
  2. When the sale starts and user clicks on the Buy button, the contract checks* if the user has not sold/unstaked any N3RDz (2nd snapshot).

*If the amount of the 1st snapshot matches the 2nd snapshot, the allocation is confirmed, otherwise users’s allocation drops to 0. In otherwords, the 2nd snapshot(Validation) is done exactly at the time the user makes the transaction to buy the tokens.


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