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Introducing the newest IDO project to the N3RDz community

QUAM Network seed round was 10x oversubscribed

The hits keep coming and they’re brought to you by the N3RDz team. Even as we’ve been heads-down and busy bringing new value to our community with N3RDz Index Assets, new partnerships with RAMP, and working on some more surprises for N3RDz V2, we are still helping some amazing new projects get started. After the last few successful IDOs, and some improvements made with community input, the N3RDz team is excited to reveal to our community the newest innovative defi project to the N3RDz launchpad: QUAM Network.

With an ambitious vision to bring a full-featured defi suite of products to a global audience, QUAM Network is focused on making trading and investments efficient, low-cost, and easy. With an early emphasis on multi-chain functionality, QUAM Network add value by allowing data and tokens to be transferred and traded between multiple different blockchain ecosystems.

QUAM Network will also feature automated chain-switching, so that users will be able to pay the lowest possible fees when transacting or trading their defi tokens. This will also help to dissipate network congestion while improving the speed of transactions — something that every defi user has struggled with at some point.

QUAM Network’s automated chain switching ensures you receive the best APYs available across different defi ecosystems.


  • QUAM Swap — Allowing tokens to be traded and swapped, with bridges to connect to the most popular networks seamlessly. QUAM will also bring full-featured trading solutions to the defi ecosystem, including limit orders, order cancellation, and on-chain derivatives trading with a built-in oracle.
  • QUAM Startups — a decentralized platform for startups to secure funding from investors after completing KYC.
  • Quam Staking & Farming — Allows investors to generate an annual yield by locking their QUAM Network tokens (QMN), BNB, BTC, and stablecoins.


QMN is the native token of QUAM Network, which will be accessible first to N3RDZ holders according to the tiered IDO system. QMN tokens will not only be used to power the network and bring rewards to holders, but also will be relevant to the governance of the project in the future.


By community demand, the N3RDz IDO launchpad will reward the most committed members of the N3RDz ecosystem according to our tiered system. The biggest stakers and farmers will receive a larger allocation for the token sale.

More details about the N3RDz private sale, snapshot dates, public sale whitelisting etc, will be posted in the coming days.


🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/quamnetwork?s=09

🗣️ Telegram group: https://T.me/quamnetwork

🖥️ Website: https://quamnetwork.com/

Medium: quamnetwork.medium.com


🖥️ Website: N3RD.finance

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerdfinance1?s=09

🗣️ Telegram: https://t.me/nerdfinance

🕹️ Discord: https://discord.gg/sbnPMZdy3J



DeFi powerhouse! Automatic yield aggregator, staking, launchpad incubator! N3RD.finance

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DeFi powerhouse! Automatic yield aggregator, staking, launchpad incubator! N3RD.finance