New Website, New Launchpad, New IDOs!
4 min readApr 20, 2021

The N3RDz community is about to get a bunch of updates and developments

It’s been a crazy few weeks in crypto, which is pretty normal, and the N3RDz team has been hard at work rolling out some new improvements and preparing some surprises for our community. We’re launching a redesigned website, a completely redesigned launchpad, and will be revealing more information about our latest IDO this week, including the project name! Read on for more details on these updates!


We’ve completely overhauled the website with a brand new design for an improved user experience. The site will function as an entry point into the entire N3RDz ecosystem, which means it is crucial that it be attractive and easy to use. That’s why we’ve given it a simpler, more streamlined look for an even better defi experience for our users. The revamped site has also been designed for ease-of-use for future updates and new products, which will be added to the revamped site as they go live.


One of the biggest changes we’re making to the N3RDz ecosystem is a brand new N3RDz launchpad. The new launchpad will make it easier than ever to participate in IDOs and delivers on our promise to make N3RDz the best defi experience for our community.

The new launchpad not only is shiny and sleek, but it also comes with huge improvements that will allow the N3RDz team to bring you special access to the hottest projects faster and more efficiently than before.

By automating some of the more time-consuming steps, the team is now focusing more time on finding the highest-quality projects in defi to work with and bringing them to the N3RDz community. This not only means more frequent IDOs, it also means a better experience for N3rdz holders.

On the recommendations and feedback from N3RDz holders, we have also recently changed the way that allocation works for IDOs on our launchpad. (Read our article explaining the new allocation system). With a more equitable system in place and our sexy new launchpad, we’re hoping to grow interest in the N3RDz project faster than ever.


Alright, we know what you’re here to read about — the newest IDO! The Project: TUSKS name reveal will be coming by the end of this week, but we wanted to share even more information about our latest partnership. Of course, if you participated in our recent AMA on our Telegram group you probably already received some big hints. But even if you missed the AMA, we’re going to share more information with you now!

N3RDz is happy to be introducing to our community the world’s first decentralized microfinance pool. The team is public, they are licensed to operate a lending business, and the product has already been used for more than 100 loans. If you don’t know much about microfinance, you should be excited to learn a bit more before the IDO.

“Microfinance involves supplying financial services and products to disadvantaged populations that are excluded from the traditional banking system.” -BNP Paribas

Microfinance involves making real-world loans for people who would otherwise be left out of financial markets, especially in developing countries. This has been a huge topic in financial literature since the 1970s, and has grown into a massive and economically productive segment of the world’s financial infrastructure.

By breaking down the barriers between credit facilities and businesses, we believe that this is truly an example of democratizing finance and investment opportunities. Notably, microfinance is a segment that is projected to reach $313.7 billion in the next four years, with an estimated 600 million people having already benefited from microfinance.

If you’re keen to learn more, get started here. If you’re keen to reserve your spot for the next IDO make sure you’ve bought your N3RDz and get started with farming and staking.

The N3RDz team has been hard at work bringing you even more improvements. Follow us on our socials and join the Telegram community to be the first to know about announcements — we’ll be releasing the name of our next IDO by the end of the week.


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